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More than 130 researchers from six research fields are part of the LEAD Graduate School and Research Network. LEAD features an integrated interdisciplinary research and training program for doctoral students and postdocs on Learning, Educational Achievement, and Life Course Development. It is funded within the framework of the Excellence Initiative via the German Research Foundation (DFG) and is the only Graduate School within this initiative that exclusively focuses on education.


Our mission is to achieve cutting-edge research in an interdisciplinary context, to contribute to the evidence-based approach in educational policy by securing empirical data on "what works" in education, to train highly qualified experts for research and practice, and to find answers to some of the most challenging questions in education.



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Lecture Series "Migration und Bildung"

starting November 11, 2016


Winter School Randomized Controlled Field Trials

December 5-9, 2016



SWR1: Die neue PISA-Studie

Bei der neuesten PISA-Untersuchung haben Bildungsforscher weltweit getestet, was 15-Jährige in Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik drauf haben. Auch ums Leseverständnis ging es beim PISA-Test.


SWR2: Denken in Zusammenhängen

Kinder sollen den den Umgang mit Tabletcomputern durchaus lernen, sagt Prof. Peter Gerjets vom Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien. Das darf nur nicht isoliert geschehen.


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